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NiSi Filters · REVIEW

Since a few weeks I'm proudly sponsored by NiSi filters. They kindly sent me the new „NiSi Filter-Holder V5“ with a special Polarizing Filter, their ND64 (6 stops) and a GND8 (3 stops) hard edge. NiSi is growing on the international market in the last years, in their headquarters in China they have a great experience in the production of high-end camera filters since over 20 years. The filters are made of optical glass, further processed and specially coated from the NiSi company.

NiSi Filter-Holder V5 and Polarizer

The V5 holder system from NiSi is made for filters with 100mm in width. The holder system includes a 82mm screw-in Circular Polarizing Filter „Pro C-PL“ with an unique mechanism to be able to rotate the Polarizer without unmounting the other filters and that even though the Polarizing Filter is located behind the other filters inside the holder! Because of this special construction you can use up to three filters plus the Polarizer without vignetting until a focal length of 16mm. With two small wheels on the adaptor ring, you are able to rotate the Polarizing Filter easily and at any time.

The main holder ring is 82mm in diameter. Adaptor rings to 77mm, 72mm and 67mm are included to fit almost every lens. The materials feel good and sturdy.

All this comes in a set within a nice leathered case to carry it safe.

It is easy to attach the Filter System. Just screw the main holder ring onto your lens and then simply place the holder in front of it and pull the small leaver to securely hold it in place. You can easily rotate the holder to set your GND filters in the needed angle.

NiSi ND and GND Filters

ND (neutral density) and GND (graduated neutral density) filters are the most important filters in landscape and seascape photography. You need them for example to get longer exposure times (ND) and for darkening the bright sky part of your picture to not get an overexposed sky (GND).

Because these filters were used to get the best possible exposure captured in the camera, you should pay attention on quality at these tools. Many filters with a strong effect like darkening 6 or 10 stops down have more or less heavy color cast. Some filters I know have a cold tone, some have a magenta cast.

The NiSi ND and GND filters produce the cleanest natural colors I have seen so far. No noticeable color cast or reduction in sharpness!

All the filters from NiSi also have a nano coating to reduce reflections and flare and also they can be cleaned easily. They feature a good IR-cutting to avoid the infrared light reaching the sensor, which is important when shooting long exposures in low-light conditions.

When using these filters in the NiSi Filter-Holder V5, they slide in a bit stiff but accurate. This gives a good feeling for setting the filters into the right position for your needs and also you don't need to worry about the glass-filters to slide accidentally out of the holder.

The packaging of the NiSi equipment is well thought out and features nice little details. The Filters come in nice leather pouches with a very soft fabric surface inside. To store and carry the filters safe and compact, the company also provides a little leathered filter case with slots for up to 6 filters, which is great because the filters surface don't touch anything… just like inside the holder, so they can't scratch!


The NiSi ND64 and the NiSi GND8 hard edge are the best filters that I have used so far. No considerable color cast, no reduction of sharpness, very easy to clean. The Filter Holder V5 has a great handling and the unique functionality of the integrated Polarizer is quiet lovely. Overall NiSi offers a high-end performance and superb quality.

There is a slight contra I found out while testing all these tools in the last time. It's just a minor thing, but I wish the small leathered case for the filters had a lanyard or belt-clip for a better handling in the field. 


NiSi is a great brand and I am happy to have the chance to test their nice equipment and to be a part of their ambassador team. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!


In Germany you can buy the filters at Amazon or at Ringfoto GmbH&Co.